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Can't Believe My Luck!

On Tuesday I went to work leaving my car in the usual car park. When I had finished my shift I returned to my car only to discover that some ******** had broken into my boot and stolen my bag containing pretty much everything I need excluding house keys, money or my phone. Now I know I shouldn't have left it in there but I didn't have time to drop it off at piratenoir's because my housemate was having a nervous breakdown (what's new). So piratenoir and I called security and reported the bag stolen not expecting to ever see it again.

About 6.30-7am I received a phone call from a wonderful man who had found my bag. I met up with him (thank you to liosliath for driving me with such short notice) at a service station later that day to retrieve the bag. Much to my surprise everything was there except for my phone card, make up remover and my sunglasses. Thanks go out to the thief for not throwing my bag in the bin or stealing more of the contents, and to the man who went out of his way to get the bag back to me.
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